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Malpi International School was conceptualized in 1998 A.D. by a group of 50 idealists consisting of a multi-ethnic spectrum of doctors, engineers, architects, business people, industrialists, and educationists. This group of like-minded visionaries from Nepal committed to the cause of raising the quality of school education that is much needed to equip our children for the demands of the 21st century set up a co-ed residential school in the Malpi area of Panauti. The School was established in June 1999 A.D.


The main purpose for the establishment of the institution was to help reverse the current cultural and fiscal drain that families are undergoing by having to send their children outside the country for quality education. It was the group’s vision that children in Nepal should have access to schooling of the highest quality…one that is broad-based and balanced, as well as interactive and global in dimension.


They felt the need for a school that would help to produce future leaders with deep-rooted cultural grounding and love for one’s country, and yet, with the confidence to forge ahead in the regional and international arena.


The School site was chosen with care, with an eye to the natural splendours of the environment and yet proximity to the Capital. The surroundings are sylvan and rural, with a village nearby to cater to the School’s needs.  The name selected for the school is simply-- Malpi International School in order to establish our presence there.


Malpi International School with its well-rounded academic program aims to dispel the darkness caused by ignorance and disseminate knowledge and information, the basis of true power, and thus help to lead its student into the light.


Malpi International School is a co-ed residential school with a difference. To ensure child-centered learning, the School limits the number of students in a class to the minimum. Learning is a pleasure at Malpi International School with it’s less than 1:12 teacher: pupil ratio, and its progressive and liberal teaching methodologies.

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