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General Rules For Students

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Regulations and Procedures

An Institution which is progressive keeps Rules and Regulation to a minimum. Malpi International School strongly believes that the Rules herein inscribed are for the safety of the children, and for an order that instils within the students a sense of well-being and of being taken care. Parents and Guardians may please note that the regulations mentioned below are adhered to by them and instilled in their wards.



Malpi International School students are expected to be appropriately groomed and dressed at all times. It is recommended for the sake of personal hygiene and preventing infestations in the hair that girls keeps their hair cut short. Trimming their hair may be done on Home weekends and long holidays, when they are allowed to visit home. Boys too will keep their hair cut short and tidy.


  • Except for No Uniform Days, School uniforms of the specified School colours are compulsory. Shirts must be properly buttoned and tucked into trousers.


  • After school hours, during the games/sports activity periods, students will change into their sports outfit which is the recommended track suit.


  • After wash and clean up students can change into casual wear, where a pair of jeans and a loose T-shirt is recommended. In winter, the school uniform has a pullover and a cardigan recommended along with the school blazer. After school hours, students can wear warmer clothes with thermal underwear and layered clothing.


  • Expensive jewellery and watches should not be worn to School since they could be lost or stolen.



  • The Academic Calendar is divided into 5 Periodic Performance Terms. There will be vacation breaks for Dashain, Winter and for Summer when children will go home, unless a short excursion or a field trip has been organized whose attendance is compulsory.


  • A student may not be allowed out of the School premises for any other reason, unless accompanied by a teacher and other students for a field trip or excursion.


  • In case of a serious illness, the School doctor will be attending to the child, and if on his recommendation the child needs to be sent home, parents will be informed to come to the school and take the sick child home till he/she recovers.


  • Two days authorized leave may be granted in a year, for attending a marriage ceremony of a close member of the family-real sister/brother, father's brother/sister, mother's brother/sister. In case of death of an immediate family member, or a religious ceremony being observed at home for a special occasion.


  • Disruption of studies during regular class days is not encouraged and should be kept to the minimum.


  • A Compulsory ‘Gate Pass’ issued by the Administration Office is to be produced whilst a student leaves the School Campus.



  • A student who is returning after an absence is required to bring a letter signed by his parent or guardian giving the date(s) and reason for absence. The Readmission Slip from the Administration Office needs to be submitted to the Graderoom Facilitator for the student to attend the regular classes after absence.



  • Only a parent or an authorized person with a valid identity card can come and collect the child from School.


  • Only a parent or an authorized person with a valid identity card can come and collect the child from the Drop-off points in the city.


  • Visitors are requested to make an appointment before visiting the School.


  • Under no circumstances are visitors allowed to disturb classes in session.



  • All money meant as "Pocket Money"(Imprest Money) will be deposited at the Bursar's office and will be dispensed to the students through a coupon system for which proper receipts and vouchers will be maintained. No other money transaction, i.e. to buy or sell or exchange goods, or lend or borrow money will be permitted amongst the students.



  • Parents are requested to give a three months "Written" notice of withdrawal. If three months "Written" notice is not given, three months fees will be charged in lieu of notice. The decision of the Principal in this respect is not open to question.



  • The School Infirmary is run by full-time registered Nurses. A regular weekly visit by a qualified medical practitioner ensures proper health maintenance of all within the residential school. Their primary functions are to identify, treat, refer, and follow-up students with health problems.


  • The School will undertake to hold a total medical checkups of all the students every year by qualified and registered doctors and the students’ health record card will be maintained by the School as long as the student continues his/her studies in the School. The health of all boarders will be taken care of by a Matron-in-charge who will be in charge of the Medical Clinic in the School campus.


  • Comprehensive Insurance coverage is provided for all students. The company covering this insurance is Himalayan General Insurance Company.

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