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School Song

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Words: Philip Chappels/Richard Moktan

Music: Richard Moktan

In the splendour and the beauty

Of the glorious gifts of nature

Lies our School with a difference

Malpi School


With a promise to uphold

For the growth of our nation

We proceed towards our goal

Malpi School


Enquire, Endeavour, Excel

‘Tis our motto forever and ever

Enquire, Endeavour, Excel

Be our motto forever and ever


May the Malpi-ites always bring

Love and joy, peace and hope

Onwards we shall strive

Malpi School


Let us spread the message of peace

And show people there is hope

Where there’s hope, there is joy

Malpi School


Enquire, Endeavour Excel…..

May God always guide us

Through this journey of life

And may Malpi always remain

In our hearts throughout our lives. 

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